Cambridge University Catalan Society

The Cambridge University Catalan Society actively promotes the culture, history, language and scientific landscape of the Catalan speaking territories in the University of Cambridge and beyond from an open minded perspective.

Whether you once visited Mallorca and you still dream of it, whether you don’t quite understand why Catalans rub tomato on bread, whether ‘orxata’ means nothing to you (yet)… You are welcome to come and join us.

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Members of the Society enjoy several perks and discounts in Society events.

There are several membership modalities and rates:

Cambridge University Students: annual membership £10 /life membership £25

Cambridge University Postdocs: annual membership £15 /life membership £30

Other: annual membership £20 /life membership £35

You can become a member in one of our events or email us to arrange payment.

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If you wish to contact us, please fill in the following form, or join our Facebook group.

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Future Events

This page features the future events of the Society. Past events are featured in our Blog.

Some past events: Catalan ReBEERendum, Catalan Wine Tasting, “Catalonia in Context”, Tió, tió! Nadal at Cambridge, “All you need to know about Catalonia”, Catalan Society Foundational Dinner,Screening of ‘Incerta Glòria’, with Isona Passola, Conversation with Clara Ponsatí, former minister of Education of Catalonia:…

13-14/06/2018 – General Elections of the Cambridge University Catalan Society

We are closing in to our Annual elections, which will take place from now until the 14th of June. These elections will span two phases:

1) Call for candidates: from now until the 12th of June (one minute after midnight).
2) Vote: 13th and 14th of June

We encourage you to run for candidacy to any of the four Society’s elected positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Junior Treasurer.

We have sent additional information through our mailing list, if you are not yet member of our list, please send us an e-mail.